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Divine Reishi
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    Divine Reishi


      The keyword for this one-of-a-kind, refined sugar-free chocolate is – longevity. Why longevity? Because our Divine Reishi bar is jam-packed with incredibly potent and top quality extracts such as reishi spores, dual extracted red reishi fruiting body, wildcrafted Canadian chaga mushroom, organic raw cacao, Himalayan shilajit, and Mucuna puriens.

      Even if those fantastic herbs mean nothing to you, perhaps you’ll be interested in learning why they’re so awesome and how they can benefit your health, all the while enjoying one of the tastiest chocolate bars across the globe. Here’s what Divine Reishi can do for you:

      • Boost your immune system*
      • Calm and soothe your nervous system*
      • Increase dopamine levels*
      • Make your body more resilient to everyday stress*

      And because we all love vanilla, we’ve added a delicate note of vanilla bean into the mix that combines perfectly with our bright raw heirloom cacao (a.k.a. superfood cacao), to form an unmistakably smooth and yummy choco bar.

      You (and your longevity) will be seriously missing out if you don’t try one of our incredible, medicinal* mushroom chocolate - Divine Reishi!


      Ingredients: Unroasted Ecuadorian Cacao*, Maple Sugar*, Raw Cacao Butter*, Reishi Shell-Broken Spores*, Chaga Extract*, Vanilla Bean*, Reishi Extract*, Mucuna Extract*, Shilajit*, Icelandic Flake Salt (Organic*)  

      * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA


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